Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Make Movie DVDs in Ubuntu

When creating a DVD in Ubuntu there are 100 ways to do it. The more savvy linux users could probably do it all from the command line. Part of what we do here at Ubuntu Questions, is help you do it the easiest way possible. The first thing you should do is click "Applications" at the top of your screen, and click on "Ubuntu Software Center". This is where you go to install most applications to your computer in the Ubuntu environment. In the search box in Ubuntu Software Center, search for "DeVeDe DVD/CD Video Creator". This is a great tool that makes DVD ISO files out of your favorite movie file that you have. An ISO file is a CD or DVD image that is ready to write directly to DVD or CD so that it can play in standard home DVD players. Once you have found the software go ahead and install it. If it is already installed you will find it in the Applications->Sound and Video->DeVeDe. After you have it installed go to the location I just told you and run the application. When it asks you make sure you choose Video DVD and the disc type selection screen. This is what you should be looking at now...

Add your movie files to the right hand list called "Files" click the Add button underneath and select the movie file that you wish to burn to DVD. Don't mess with any of the options on the add movie dialog, just add it and press ok. Now it should be in the list ready to burn. If the disc usage is over 100% click the "Adjust disc usage" button. This makes sure your video will fit on one DVD. You can play with this software more in depth, but I am just going to show you how to create a DVD. If you are in the United States, then you want to make sure where it says "Default format" you select NTSC. If the PAL option is selected then it won't play in standard DVD players in the United States. This is basically the region in which you will be playing your DVD. For this example lets also uncheck where it says "Create a menu with the titles". This way it will not have a DVD menu, and your movie will start playing right away. Click Advanced options at the bottom. Make sure you have "Create an ISO or BIN/CUE" option selected. Also check "Erase temporary files", and "Use optimizations for multicore CPUs". If you have a dual core processor, or multi core processor this will make encoding much more fast. Now you are ready to make your dvd image. Click the Forward button, and enter a folder name to store the ISO file. After you have selected your folder name it will start encoding your DVD. After it is done encoding your DVD ISO, you are ready to burn it to a disc. Right click the ISO file, and click "Write to Disc". Enter a disc into your drive and click Burn. There you have it! You have just created your first DVD that plays in all DVD players in the United States! Congratulations. If you feel I have left anything out on this article please leave comments and let me know your experience. Thank you so much!

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