Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How To Add More Fonts to Ubuntu and GIMP

I have heard people mock Ubuntu and GIMP (open source photo editing software) because of its font support. Just like Windows and Mac OS, you must add fonts yourself. This is how GIMP and Ubuntu will use them. GIMP has their own fonts folder so that you can add fonts just to GIMP. However, in this tutorial I will be explaining how to install new fonts to the whole Ubuntu operating system so that the fonts can be accessed by all applications including OpenOffice.
  • The first step is to download the font .TTF files that you wish to install. Make sure that if you download a ZIP file that you unzip the *.TTF files before you try to place them in the fonts directory.
  • Next you are going to navigate to your "home" directory. You can do this by using the "Places" menu at the top of the screen. If the home directory shortcut does not exist in your Places, then open nautilus file explorer and navigate to your home folder. "/home/<yourname>/"
  • Once you are in your home directory using Nautilus, make sure that in the "View" menu, you select "Show Hidden Files". Now you should be able to see the hidden directory ".fonts" go inside of this directory by double clicking it. If the directory doesn't exist after you are showing hidden files, then create the directory yourself. Make sure that it has the period in front of it without quotes.
  • Now that you are inside your system ".fonts" directory for your user account, you can drag and drop the fonts that you have downloaded into the folder. Once they are in the directory you will be able to access them in any application that supports fonts.
I hope this has helped people with installing fonts in the Ubuntu operating system. This makes using GIMP a lot more fun, because you can now use all the power of any font you choose. Please leave comments if you feel I have left anything out.

If you are looking for a great place to download fonts then go  here

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