Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wireless Keeps Disconnecting in Ubuntu

Wireless networking in Ubuntu is one of the features that puts it in the same league as Windows and Mac OSX. In this day and age, an operating system that doesn't support wireless cards, both internal and external, is useless. I have come to love the interface that Ubuntu uses to navigate through all of the available wireless networks. I have noticed that the main Ubuntu distribution install comes with most wireless drivers, but it doesn't include the package "ntp". If you are having trouble with your wireless losing connection, I would recommend that you install this package. After installing this package, I have found that my Ubuntu no longer acts sparatic when it comes to staying connected to various types of wireless networks. If you are having trouble, give this command a shot from your terminal. Open a terminal window and type:
sudo apt-get install ntp
After installing the ntp package your wireless should be working wonderfully. Even if you aren't having problems I would recommend this package be installed. I hope this helps you with your wireless networking problems.

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  1. what is this package exactly? I just tried it hopefully it will work..

  2. This is the network time protocol package.

  3. It works great.I have been having many issues with Wifi going offline.
    No more issues.

  4. So, the reason ntp helps keep the network up is that it queries other hosts periodically, and thus avoids a timeout that was presumably happening through inactivity. Is that your explanation too? Or does it work by magic? :-)

    If it was a matter of timeout, it would be useful to know what package was causing it...

  5. Leave it to the subject of linux to bring out condescending people....yeah its magic.... This blog was made to help people not poke fun because you know something others don't. Most people don’t care why it works anyways, just that it does work. Go figure.